Posted by: H.P. Ward | September 26, 2012

On Character

I spent the past couple of weeks mulling over my characters’ character.  Since I’m writing a trilogy these imaginary folks need to develop not only over one book but over the subsequent books. Unless I kill them all in a fit of rage.

Periodically I spend time with them and work through the plot and their place in it as well as their personality.  Their personality is what governs their reactions to the craziness I throw at them. 

Sometimes they don’t want to talk with me.


If you’ve written or a working on your first novel (like me) you’ve probably come across the standard character development exercises.  The 100+ questions for the character to answer.   I have never tried to fill them all out at once (characters change over time… and some of them just don’t have a favorite color and never will.)

Here are a few links to some character development worksheets and sites that I found helpful.  They attack it from a different angle than the standard questions. Sometimes that is all that is needed to open up a new door in a characters mind (or your own).  My crazy mind found them helpful so I wanted to share. 


along with

Another character form…

P.S.  Don’t just stick with the links above. The two sites above have many more helpful pages for writing.  I found them well worth my time.  

Until next week,
Peace and Cookies,
H. P. Ward



  1. Cool! I hadn’t come across those particular worksheets before. Thanks for the links. =0) I’ve had characters change their character on me during the writing process. One particular female who ought to have been tough went all mushy on me. =0/

  2. That is not necessarily a bad thing if it works better for the character. The trick is making sure there is enough background to justify a rapid change otherwise the reader gets mental whiplash (at least I do if there is no foundation for things that happen). Welcome may they bring you joy and fewer headaches as they did me.

  3. I really need to start using character sheets. I’ll get halfway through writing a book, and then stop and be like, “Wait, what’s my main character’s eye colour again?” That’s just the sort of thing you should know, y’know?

    • It would take a far sharper mind than mine to remember every little detail about a character, the sheets work! Hope the links are helpful to you.

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